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  • Yesterday, I got three Kite Fortunes in the game. I think I am a lucky boy. What makes me unexpected is that it is empty when I open it. Therefore, I think that I must come across a Karma bug. I feel a bit of depression. What is wrong with GW2 developers?


  • The feeling is really awesome to jump on my gold storage. I think I do need to buy gold within a week. And I receive some free coupons in your website. I just want to say you are really great people. I am very pleasant with my order here.


  • Last time, I came across a champion in the game. I must admit that I really want to get crafting materials, unique skins, lodestones and more from it. I had tried many times to kill him. But I failed again and again. So I sign that solo playing to a champion is really quite depressing. Is the only way to kill him group battle? Can you give me some advice?


  • In the following second half of 2013, some new skills and traits will be added to each profession on condition that a series of contents and options can be unlocked. I think I can expand my characters and builds. So I hope that I can find some new guides in your store. For me, your guides are quite useful.


  • At first, I can not remember the correct account password, which makes me depressed. Then I turn to Live Chat for help. They are really good girls. They help me patiently. After a long time, I succeeded in finding out my password. Although it is a pretty thing, it really touched me. Thanks!


  • Your store can always give us the latest guides about GW2. In fact, I appreciate that you strive to make the website perfect. At the same time, I can benefit a lot from your guides. I hope that you can do better in the future. I will often come to patronize your store.


  • With the popularity of Guild Wars 2, more and more online stores begin to sell GW2 gold. But not every of them are legit. After several times buying gold in yours store, I find that you have a reliable source and the price is relatively cheaper. I think I find a high-reputation store.


  • s a loyal Guild Wars 2 fan, I need GW2 gold to buy powerful items and weapons. Only have enough GW2 gold, I can reach a high level and become strong enough in a short time. I think your store can provide me with the cheapest gold. So I have a try. You do not let me down.


  • Hey, are you exploring the Bazaar of the Four Wind? The living story is quite interesting. Belcher’s Bluff. In the game, I just like a ranger. I can learn skills and make friends from them. What’s more, the traveling is full of magic and fun, which really impresses me a lot. The living story which ArenaNet designed is quite attractive. I found of it.

    FromMat Maslem

  • Yesterday I bought a large amount of gold in your store. Today I exchanged gold into gems to buy key to Black Lion Chest. I am really a lucky boy. Do you know what? I got a Tome of Knowledge unexpectedly. This one-use item grants my character one level. Wow, it is really a bargain.

    FromNick Noble

Have Fun in This Beautiful Winter

When heavy snow swept across the northern hemisphere, a majority of us prefer to stay at home than go out. Although we are stopped by the heavy snow, we can also do many things to enrich our holiday life, for example, we can roll snowball, and take snowball fight around our house, we can cook delicious food to meet our appetite, we can hold party to consolidate our friendship, we can also play games with our family get together to have fun, and so on.

As for Guild Wars 2 gamers, maybe we are more willing to play Guild Wars 2 at home with our family. After all, this is an interesting game, which fits for all children, young people, and old people. There are comparatively less competition in the game if we don't participate in PVP, and WVW battlefield. In addition, when we invite our family to share our hobby, we may be approved by them easily. After all, it is always a happy thing to share good things with others, especially those people we concern about best. What do you say?


Although the activity of Wintersday has been brought to an end, there are still abundant joy in the game, waiting us to search and discover. If we expect to increase the difficulty of the fight, we can participate in PVP and WVW as long as we hit the eightieth level, or we can take adventure in Ascalonian Catacombs. If we had not reach up the highest level, we can do some search and discover in the open country. During the process of taking adventure, we are able to farm lots of favorite drop looting, even shinning GW2 Gold. There are several ways for us to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold in the game, you can refer to the last article.

Besides this, we can also make friends with those people who share the same hobby with us, and form a team to take action. More teammates there are, more looting we can get.If you need any help, you can turn www.gw2goldsale.com for help, we promise to try our best to make you satisfied. Have Fun!

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