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  • Yesterday, I got three Kite Fortunes in the game. I think I am a lucky boy. What makes me unexpected is that it is empty when I open it. Therefore, I think that I must come across a Karma bug. I feel a bit of depression. What is wrong with GW2 developers?


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  • Last time, I came across a champion in the game. I must admit that I really want to get crafting materials, unique skins, lodestones and more from it. I had tried many times to kill him. But I failed again and again. So I sign that solo playing to a champion is really quite depressing. Is the only way to kill him group battle? Can you give me some advice?


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  • Hey, are you exploring the Bazaar of the Four Wind? The living story is quite interesting. Belcher’s Bluff. In the game, I just like a ranger. I can learn skills and make friends from them. What’s more, the traveling is full of magic and fun, which really impresses me a lot. The living story which ArenaNet designed is quite attractive. I found of it.

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The Victory to Fight to Ice Dragon


Although the Ice Dragon is difficult to defeat, I believe that it is not invincible. Let's enjoy the process to make victory to defeat the Ice Dragon in this post. Read carefully, you may find out that it is good for you to save Guild Wars 2 Gold. Here we go!

Just listen to the cries of orders, teammates proceed without hesitation to the icy dragon. At that time when we were nearly close to the icy dragon, we heard of a frightening laughter from the tremendous monster, and then it steps towards the ground, there turned out numerous ice thorns from the ground in the way, which stop us from close to the dragon.



Being unable to do anything when the Ice Dragon inhaling a lot of air, everyone has a bad premonition. I saw the ice dragon head underneath, and then a powerful air-conditioned spray out from its huge mouth. What's worse, the places the air-conditioning pass by, even come out sharp Icetip from undergroundthe! Some teammates instantly killed before they realized and dodged.

We have to retreat to the slopes, keep distance from the dragon. Is there no way to defeat it? No! God will help those just med who need help. Quartermaster send people to send us a wave after another wave of remote weapons in the nick of time. We arranged heavy weapons in a piece of highland, and then go to get light weapons.



For a long time, Jormag repeat his magic power: ice shield, fear, and summon to frighten us, but be withstood by us. When the ice gragon was seriously injured, he wave its wings to fly away. If this represents that it give up the fight? While, after a few circles in the sky, the dragon falls down to the west coast. After this, the heavy weapons we fixed up become invalid. No matter what to say, we have to go on fighting to the monster until the end of its life. After for a long period, we finally kill the dragon. A burst flash came at the same time, and a huge chest appeared in front of us. We shouted and rushed forward, sharing the joy and honor of victory.

This battle gone a long time, but the story of the fight still be spread among the local people generation by generation. Maybe, there is chance for us to be recorded in the annals of history, and become the hero of posterity admored.

Source From: www.gw2goldsale.com