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  • Yesterday, I got three Kite Fortunes in the game. I think I am a lucky boy. What makes me unexpected is that it is empty when I open it. Therefore, I think that I must come across a Karma bug. I feel a bit of depression. What is wrong with GW2 developers?


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  • Last time, I came across a champion in the game. I must admit that I really want to get crafting materials, unique skins, lodestones and more from it. I had tried many times to kill him. But I failed again and again. So I sign that solo playing to a champion is really quite depressing. Is the only way to kill him group battle? Can you give me some advice?


  • In the following second half of 2013, some new skills and traits will be added to each profession on condition that a series of contents and options can be unlocked. I think I can expand my characters and builds. So I hope that I can find some new guides in your store. For me, your guides are quite useful.


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  • Hey, are you exploring the Bazaar of the Four Wind? The living story is quite interesting. Belcher’s Bluff. In the game, I just like a ranger. I can learn skills and make friends from them. What’s more, the traveling is full of magic and fun, which really impresses me a lot. The living story which ArenaNet designed is quite attractive. I found of it.

    FromMat Maslem

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Upgrade Path about Guild Wars 2 Equipment

Various settings in Guild Wars 2 are quite interesting, in which, the settings to equipment systems are quite rich. The most interesting point lays that you can not only pursue the power of the equipment, but also pursue their gorgeous, even a unique appearance. All of these are able to increase a lot of playability.It is common to see that there is dye in many games, which including Guild Wars 2. In Guild Wars 2, dye is the bestseller since it released, at the same time, it sells out at stable price. At present, players can buy several dyes with a GW2 Gold. Primary players should no throw dye to NPC. As for me, I exchange the gold for armors in the prophase by this way.

A period of time, many players found out a secret that GW2 armors can be decomposed before we equip with synthetics through NPC. Synthetics altogether classified into five levels, corresponding represents <10%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%. Correspondingly, the price increases with the value. So, we'd better pay attention to the price, or we'll lose gold to repair equipment. We can disassemble kinds of stuffs, for example, all those armors and weapons we don't need can be decomposed. Until now, the price of legendary armors times up than before. If we are lucky enough, we can come out high-level material, and sell them to others up to a hundred GW2 Gold. It is also worth to leave them in our kits if we adore them. The materials come out from decomposition will be posted a label, on which says that what's the materials are used to do. When we have learned a skill, then the name of the corresponding material will be highlight to green. When we have learned a skill but w cannot use the skill for lacking of skill points, then the material will be labled as red, and remind you at the same time, it will be useful to you in the later days.

Except for the warm prompt, ArenaNet set a shortcut key for us - Deposit All Colletible, which helps us make room for other materials through transfer the material to inventory.Besides the wonderful dye library, there is also another interesting setting, that is the weapons synthesis. In the Trevi Fountain of the Lion's Arch, we can throw several stuffs or armors into the fountain, and then we can get a random armor after the synthetic. If we're lucky enough, we can get a more powerful armor. I have tested for several times, I synthetic altogether twenty leathers into five leathers through the fountain, and found out that there are great gaps on the matter of properties among them, and only one attribute is fully upgraded.

After we hit the eightieth level, we are tend to pursue exotics armors and weapons. It is easy to get the first set of exotics armor. There are five ways to get exotics armors in all. Firstly, we can get the exotics armor through GW2 Karma. We need to spend forty-two thousand GW2 Karma to exchange one exotic armor through exchange point of any major city of the five races. After we accomplished a hundred of dynamic events, we can accumulate the needed karma. Secondly, we can synthetic exotic armor through mysterious furnace. More powerful the armors we throw into the furnace, greater chances we get amazing armor. Thirdly, we can fight those dragons who are likely to send novice equipment. Fourthly, we can make up by ourselves. It is very simple to produce exotic armors and weapons. First of all, we need to prepare the necessary material Glob of Ectoplasm. Whatever weapon, armor or adornment, we need to prepare five sets. It can be broken out from Rare equipment of seventy to eighty level. In order to get the ideal equipment with greater chance, we'd better use the highest quality dismantling. Generally speaking, we can get up to three Glob of Extoplasm. We can also purchase it from the Black Lion Trading Company with twenty GW2 silver.Finally, we can also buy exotic equipment from trading company. It is an suction house served for all servers. Some artisans pursue more skills to sell a part of exotic equipment at a low price. As a Guild Wars 2 player who reach up to the highest level, I strongly recommend you to buy the first set of exotic equipment through trading company. Just several GW2 Gold, you can equip yourself well.

Source From: Gw2goldsale.com